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Bus Rapid Transit line

The project of building an integrated urban transport of Bourgas includes the construction and implementation of BRT line that will cover the city.

The system of Bus Rapid Transit lines is primarily based on upgrading of the bus fleet, the movement schedule, including a combination of infrastructure improvements, as following:

  • Bus lanes occupying part of the existing roadway limited by road signs and road-markings, which in certain intervals of the day (off-peak hours) will be allowed for mixed traffic
  • Traffic light signaling, which provides priority of passing buses.

The route of the BRT line will cover two main areas in the city - the complex "Izgrev" to "Meden Rudnik" and complex "Slavejkov" to "Meden Rudnik".

The two branching lines coming from the complexes ''Izgrev'' and ''Slavejkov'' are uniting near the hotel ''Mirage'' into a single line passing Blvd. "Stefan Stambolov'' to Str."San Stefano", where will be built a Central Bus Station in front of the square of the building of the Bourgas Free University. 

From the Central Bus Station, the route of the BRT line continues on the streets ''Hristo Botev'', ''Ivan Vazov'', ''Industrial'', ''Sport'' to “Todor Alexandrov'' str. On”Zahari Stoyanov'' str. BRT reaches r. a. “Meden Rudnik” to cover the largest residential area of the city.

The total length of the line is 15 kilometers. The Bus stops for the Bus Rapid Transit line are designed to provide the best opportunity for attaching to all other urban and suburban public transport. Along the BRT is provided the construction of new bus stops which length is 18 meters each.

It is planned to be integrated traffic lights with lunar white light to give priority to buses in the area of all traffic light controlled junctions along the route of Bus Rapid Transit line, even at intersections with unsecured BUS bar so that it can avoid any misconceptions of others road users on their advantage. 

The project for the route of the Bus Rapid Transit line is intended to ensure the safety of traffic, giving the drivers of public buses timely and complete information about the traffic situation and for passengers - the latest information on the movement of public buses.

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.