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"South" bus station

The "Integrated Urban Transport of Burgas" provides reconstruction and modernization of the existing South Bus Station, located near the Railway Station and the Port of Burgas.

After the realization of the construction work, South Station will become a significant Bus Terminal, part of the developing Intermodal area of transport shaping in the region. 

As well as now and in the future, South Station will manage the urban and long-distance bus lines, as its functions will be optimized. Crucial for the new transport system of the city is the preservation and expansion of the functions of the Station - it will provide contact with theBus Rapid Transit line and so it will expand and improve the capabilities of travelers by providing easy attachment to any kind of transport. 

The new solution will integrate modern and comfortable facilities for the passengers, office ticketing and passenger information, rooms for drivers and dispatchers, tourist information center, newsstand and cafe. 

The overall plan of the Bus Station will be changed, including stops, parking spaces for buses and approaches. It is planning the establishment of eight bus stops, six of them for regular use and two that will be used during the tourist season. Bus Stations will be equipped with facilities for waiting to hold and passenger and real-time information. 

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.