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The bus fleet renewal

Автобусен парк

On 10.02.2013 were made the final activities over the 'Renovation of the bus fleet.'Work Package.By the project delivered 28 articulated diesel buses, which are designed to serve the new Bus Rapid Transit Line /BRT/ and 39 new methane buses, which provide a modern bus fleet servicing the rest 

of the public transport network were delivered. The new buses are low board, in order to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities and meet European emission standards Euro 5. With the assistance of Municipality of Burgas, the buses are equipped with child seats.

The new buses usage in the transport represents another step in the realization of the ambitious project of the Municipality of Burgas for optimization and upgrading of the public transport system in the city, giving citizens the opportunity to travel in comfortable, ecological, economical and attractive means of transport. 

The new vehicles will operate the future Bus Rapid Transit, which will be integrated within the optimized transport system of the city. It is foreseeable that the Bus Rapid Transit service to allow time to move from square 'Meden Rudnik' the complex 'Slaveykov' and 'Izgrev' for about 25 minutes, as well as to provide new opportunities for easy attachment to the other lines of urban and suburban transport. 

According to the project will be implemented new ticketing system, information services to the passengers in real time and will run a Control Center of public transport - Transport House, which will provide integration and unified management of the public transport in the city and priority of movement of the buses in theBus Rapid Transit line through intersections. 

"The bus is a wonderful invention. A lot of people can travel at the same time, and the ticket is not very expensive. When we travel by bus, we protect nature. For example, if a person uses his car less, it helps preserving the environment, and at the same time it gives you an adventure - traveling by bus. There are people who can not drive and the bus is their transport. Besides the bus is useful, it is also very funny and interesting. You can visit or go to almost every place on Earth just by bus. "

Dimitar Stoyanov Dulgerov, 11 years Primary school "Brothers Miladinovi", V grade

"Traveling by bus is nice, almost as with a jeep. The buses in Burgas have many extras. They are new, with nice colors. Inside of the bus during summer isn't hot and in winter is warm because there are air conditioning. This winter, I always took the bus, even for short distances, because I knew there would be warm. "
Lily Kostova Kostova, "Geo Milev" school – Burgas, VIII grade

"First stop, 7:12 in the morning. I look at my left hand, where last night I wrote a question "Why I like to ride on a bus?" ... Fifth stop. Looking for a familiar face, but I don't see anyone. And at the same moment I'm sliding my eyes on each passenger separately, I realize that all people are familiar. Every morning, we share 10 minutes of our day. So our shared time is like a little ritual. Last stop. A crowd of rushing people is getting off the bus. Each goes to the next task of his day. I put on a smile that was given to me a moment ago and involuntarily look down to my left hand. This time, my thoughts fly through the countless reasons why I love to ride on a bus. Before I get off the bus I make last look at my companions in this adventure and barely whisper: 'See you tomorrow morning! "
Ralitsa Naidenova Bobcheva "Acad. Nicola Obreshkov" school, X grade

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