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Upgrading the results

Within the project  'Integrated urban transport of Burgas' and a purpose to sustainability added value of the project to be prepared a feasibility research for sites that can build upgrade the current transport infrastructure. 

For this purpose have to be prepared the following types of feasibility researches:

  • Pre-feasibility research and concept for upgrading an integrated system for traffic management and upgrade the BRT system after its successful implementation;
  • Pre-feasibility research and concept for the establishment of buffer parking in key areas of the city;
  • Pre-feasibility research and concept for bus terminal for long-distance transport.

For the realization of the project 'Integrated urban transport of Burgas', supporting the concept of building a system for BRT is based on the concept of public transport as a dynamic and adaptive to social and economic needs a system, that is part of the overall socio-economic urban development.

The construction of the integrated system for control and management of public transport under the project will be considered as a base for the implementation of comprehensive and unified system of traffic management. The research will identify the medium- and long-term policy objectives for transport development in the Municipality of Burgas in all aspects: road infrastructure, signaling and marking, management of parking areas, prevention and risk management, communication systems and others. The main parts of the research are the opportunities and the legal requirements for the construction of such integrated system for full control and traffic management. 

Planning and implementation of the project for the Integrated urban transport of Burgas are carried out in parallel with the implementation of concrete measures to solve the problems with parking in downtown and densely built-up residential areas. As an additional contribution to the success of the project is considered the  researches on the establishment of buffer parking spaces at key locations in the city which will make the connection with the route of the BusRapid Transit line. 

The main objective of the Municipality is through research of the capabilities and the results of the project of 'Integrated urban transport of Burgas' to be found European funding for the realization of the following stages of the project. 

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