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About the project

The objectives of the project "Integrated Urban Transport of Burgas" are:

  • increasing the attractiveness of public transport in the city of Burgas by improving the quality and accessibility of transport services;
  • improving the functions of the city as an important administrative, economic and social center in Southeast Bulgaria;
  • creating conditions for improved mobility for people, including workers and the rest of the city's population, giving priority to natural friendly ways of movement;
  • reduce congestion and increase the capacity and speed of public transport;
  • improving the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • improving the safety of public transport.

The main activity of the project is the development of a system of Bus Rapid Transit line (BRT) with a length of 15 km, covering two routes - from r.a. 'Slavejkov' to r.a. 'Meden Rudnik' and from r.a. 'Izgrev' to r.a. 'Meden Rudnik'.

The constructed Bus Rapid Transit line, as well as the rest of the public transport network, is serviced by a fully renewed fleet. As a result of the project, within the public transport system will be integrated an electronic ticketing system, automatic positioning of vehicles, as well as an information system for the passengers in real time.

The project requires the buses to be equipped with video surveillance. In order to ensure control and road safety, cameras will be installed at certain intersections in the city, and at the bus stops.

The electronic management system of public transport, as well as video surveillance systems, will be managed by a new center for traffic control - Transport House.

Results achieved by the project:

Length of the existing BRT line 15 km
Length of bike lanes 20.2 km
Number of updated facilities for repair built (depot and workshop) 1 unit
Number of renovated bus terminal (Terminal Meden Rudnik and South Station) 2 units
Number of upgraded bus stops (Central bus station) 1 unit
Number of pedestrian overpasses built 4 units
Number of diesel buses purchased 28 units
Number of methane buses purchased 39 units

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