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Central bus stop

The main focus towards getting in exploitation of the BRT line is building a Central Bus Station, situated on the "San Stefano" boulevard, north of the pedestrian "Alexandrovska" street. There is going to be a reconstruction of the roadway "San Stefano" boulevard in the area between the "Stefan Stambolov" str. and "Hristo Botev" str., including the intersection of "Hristo Botev" str. and intersection of "Stefan Stambolov" str., as well as the reconstruction of technical infrastructure and reconstruction of three traffic lights, which regulate the organization of the traffic.

The Central Bus Station is situated on the sidewalk of the courtyard of the school and the island sidewalk  shaped by the new curb lines of the northern and southern segregated BUS lanes separated from the movement of buses in the Bus Rapid Transit line. Its location thus is providing safe access to the platforms of the station.

The importance of the Central Bus Station is highlighted by attractive architectural design, which aims to become a recognizable element of the new scheme of public transport in the city of Burgas. 


The route of Bus Rapid Transit line along the 'San Stefano' boulevard is in a separate track with physically segregated lanes for buses and cars which provides:

- Conflict-free crossing of the buses at a traffic light controlled junctions with 'Hristo Botev' str. and 'Stefan Stambolov' str.;

- Disengagement time for travel of the Bus Rapid Transit line according to the traffic density at rush hours, enabling exact compliance with the schedule, avoiding congestion.

The pedestrian movement is organized as a continuation of ’Alexandrovska’ str., crossing the 'San Stefano' boulevard regulated with traffic-light for maximum protection for the pedestrians’ safety. 

The transport and communication solution provides two-lane traffic movement in the direction of 'San Stefano' boulevard and three-lane road the intersections with 'Hristo Botev' str. and 'Stefan Stambolov' str. 

The Central Bus Station and the provided for renovation stops along the Bus Rapid Transit line will be equipped with heated ramps and platforms and it  will be provided easy access for the people with disabilities. 

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.