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Pedestrian overpasses

A key component for the realization of the project 'Integrated urban transport of Burgas' is building  4 pedestrian overpasses to improve the access to the route of the BusRapid Transit service and ensuring the safe and conflict-free movement through major intersections. The main goal is to be given the deserved priority to the pedestrians. 

After completing the work design, within the engineering process will begin the construction of two key city intersections, by realizing the following activities: 

1. Design and reconstruction of existing intersection "Trapezitza" (crossing "Struga" street and "Todor Aleksandrov" / Route I-9, E-87 / "Edirne" Str.) - roundabout "Trapezitza" with new organization of movement plan of r.a. "Bratia Miladinovi" and "North" Industrial zone of Burgas.

2. Design and construction of two pedestrian overpasses number 1 and 2, linked pedestrian overpasses, providing crossing on the "Todor Alexandrov" boulevard / connecting r.a."Bratya Miladinovi" with industrial zone / and "Struga" str. / connecting r.a. "Bratya Miladinovi" with the industrial zone.

3. Design and construction of pedestrian overpasses near the roundabout on "Stefan Stambolov" Blvd. and “Nikola Petkov” Blvd. as following:

  • Pedestrian overpass 3, providing crossing on the "Stefan Stambolov" boulevard and connecting r.a. "Izgrev" with r.a. "Slaveykov."
  • Pedestrian overpass 4 providing crossing on "Nikola Petkov” boulevard and connecting r.a. "Zornitsa" with r.a. "Izgrev”.

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