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The project "Integrated Urban Transport of Burgas" is a priority project managed by the Municipality of Burgas.

In 2008, the project for ‘Integrated urban transport of Burgas’ is selected for a pilot project among the six major cities in Bulgaria. For a year, experts of the Municipality and municipal enterprise 'Burgasbus' EOOD worked on the preparation of an integrated project for renovation and modernization of the public transport. The preparation work of the project is executed with the technical and financial support of JASPERS. For a year and a half the Municipality of Burgas and consulting team of OVE ARUP, in cooperation with experts from the financial mechanism JASPERS and the Managing Authority of Operational Program 'Regional Development 2007-2013', carried out a series of studies, analysis and public hearings as a result of which were developed a transport model and a concept of the urban transport of Burgas, on the base of which it has been prepared the project 'Integrated urban transport of Burgas'.

The project for Integrated urban transport comprises a series of components. The integrated approach is needed to be created a coherent and comprehensive program to improve the public transport, which would facilitate the complete renovation and modernization of the system for urban transport in Burgas and would serve as an excellent example for Central and Eastern Europe.

The Grant agreement contract for financial aid BG161PO001 / 1.5-01 / 2010/001 'Integrated urban transport of Burgas' was signed on 26.11.2010, when it began the actual execution of the project activities.

The total project cost is 130 894 784, 10 lev. The project is funded by the Operational Program 'Regional Development' 2007-2013., through the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and the state budget. Additional funds for the project execution are provided by the budget of the Municipality of Burgos under the form of own contribution. 

The first realized component of the project was the announced public procurement for a contract to supply 28 diesel (Euro 5) and 39 methane buses for the renewal of the bus fleet. Since 02.19.2013, they are in exploitation and in service of the citizens of Burgas.

The Municipality of Burgas executed public procurements, most important of which is that for the manufacture of technical projects for the included in the project infrastructure facilities - Central Bus Station, Terminal Meden Rudnik, South Station, cycle lanes and a Bus Rapid Transit line. The solutions proposed in these projects will play an important role for the determent of the future shape and look of Burgas. 

The next step is the approval and the realization of the solutions proposed in the technical projects. Currently in the final stage is the component for a reconstruction of the bus depot of 'Burgasbus' EOOD and the construction of diesel and methane station and service for the new buses. Under the project are executed construction and repair activities on building the system of bicycle lanes, CentralBus Station, Terminal Meden Rudnik and South Station.

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