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Integrated Management System

The main objective of the component Integrated management system of public transport in the  project 'Integrated urban transport of Burgas' is implementing a system for control and management of public transport, which will allow a high accuracy and level of service. 

The control and management of public transport include the following elements: 

- Integrated ticketing system; 

- Passenger information system in real time; 

- Management and control of the public transport; 

- Video surveillance system (CCTV).

The project 'Integrated urban transport of Burgas’ foresees the implementation of an integrated ticketing system for public transport and information services for the passengers in real time. A Centre for Traffic Management will also start working, which will provide a unified management of urban transport. The new systems will contribute to the optimization of the urban transport network, allowing passengers to use different bus lines with a unified electronic ticket.

The new electronic ticketing system will offer the capability for tickets unification used by the various transport operators, establishing promotional rates and easy combination with other services in the transport sector in future. 

The system for real-time passenger information will include the supply and installation of the equipment at the bus stops and on the board of the buses. For traveling in the public transport passengers   the system will provide information about the number of the line, the names of the stops along the route and the remaining time of arrival at the next stop, automatic marking and reporting the name of the next stop. 

The management and control of the traffic includes: 

- Centralized traffic control system; 

- Onboard bus control system;

- Integration of all modules connected to the control and management of the public transport, control of the equipment for real-time information, data generating, fleet management, dispatching, control and supervision of service, priority at traffic lights, etc.

The foreseeable under the project video surveillance system (CCTV) will be installed at major intersections along the route of Bus Rapid Transit line and on additional public transport lines. 

Real-time informationdisplays for passengers (PID) will be installed at the bus stops, which will show the number of the line, the names of the stops on the route and estimated time of arrival of the next bus. 

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.