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Blocking of improperly parked vehicles via wheel bracket

A vehicle, which is parked in violation of Art. 10, Section II of the "Regulation on the protection of public order in the territory of the Municipality of Burgas" may be detained by force using technical means (clamp).


Damaging the clamp or its release by others, except by authorized people is prohibited.

The amount of the fee due to be paid by the owners or their authorized drivers of detained vehicle by using technical means (clamp) is fixed and it is defined by the City Council.

The fee is 25.00 lev including VAT

If the blocked by technical means (clamp) vehicle is parked in the 'Blue Zone' longer than the road sign specified, the same can be removed by force, the driver or owner of the vehicle should pay not only the costs of compulsory detention but the expenses for forced relocation, transportation and parking.

Тhе cars marked as "Police", "Fire Safety service" and "Ambulance" are not forcibly detain and forcibly removed.

Additional information can be obtained on telephone 1356.

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.