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Parking by SMS charge

All the clients of Bulgarian Mobile Operators can pay their parking at the “Blue Zone” by sending SMS, containing the number of the vehicle to short number 1356.

With one SMS you pay one (1) hour in “Blue Area”. Value on the SMS is determined by the specific tariff plan of your service provider.

SMS for parking should be sent immediately after the vehicle is parked on a parking in the "Blue Zone". System will automatically return the reply SMS for status order.

SMS content must reproduce the contents of the state license plate of the car. Burgas Municipality is not responsible for incorrectly entered information!

Always check whether the state license plate of the car meets the SMS response from the system.

A few minutes before the end of input time, you will receive a reminder SMS, you need to pay again or leave the area. In case that the driver sent SMS before the time expires, parking time automatically extended by 1 hour.

If billing by SMS is not able, you should choose another form of payment for your stay: with pre-purchased a single ticket or a parking ticket from the machine Presto 600.

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.