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Parking ticket from the parking machine Presto 600

Any citizen or guest of Burgas can pay for parking by using parking machine Presto 600.

The Parking machines are conveniently located in the parking region.

The Parking machine allows to choose from pre-programmed automated duration of your stay, pay your stay and receive a printed ticket to put behind the windshield of the dashboard on the drivers side, so that markings on the coupon be clearly visible from outside. The machine issues a ticket with estimated duration exactly according the amount that was paid.

Parking machine is able to accept the following types of payments:
• coins;
• prepaid cards.

-"The card for parking machines in the "Blue Zone" can be used also by traders under the Commerce Act, freelancers, notaries and private bailiffs entered in the registers under current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and using own or leased property on the territory of the "Blue Zone".

-For using a card for parking machines in the "Blue Zone" you need to send an application to the director of OP "Transport", appropriate documents for registration as a legal entity in the relevant court or other register, certificate of no debts to the Municipality and document about ownership or lease.

PLEASE note that the machine does NOT return change !!!

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.