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Parking by Permanent address

On the streets and squares – that are municipal property, was implemented paid and free parking "Blue zone", the mayor by his order implements the system for charged local parking of the vehicles, according the address of the owners.

Owners of the vehicles, respectively persons using the vehicle for another reason, who are residents of streets or squares implemented to paid and free parking "Blue Zone" have the right to park in the area near their address in the neighborhood on adjacent streets and residents of pedestrian areas - in intersection streets.

Parking can be done only with a sticker that gives the right to use the system of paid parking according local residence. Vignette stickers shall contain the coat of arms of the Municipality; holographic mark; serial number; labeled "Blue Zone Vignette" conditions of the parking. The sticker should be placed prominently on the lower left corner of the windshield of the car in a way that allows monitoring from outside.

The right is used for two / two / cars for 1 house or apartment. The annual fee is 60.00 lev for the first car and 120.00 lev for the second car incl. VAT

Sticker shall not be issued to persons holding a parking space or garage in the land plot on which they are established or changed the designation of such premises.

Application for a sticker report “should be given to the Director of OP "Transport".

Applications are accepted at the center to work with clients on:
106 Alexandrovska Str. Burgas

When applying the person should presented for reference (1) ID and (2) vehicle registration to verify the address and ownership of the car.


NB. Second car sticker shall be granted only with proof of ownership or lease.


 Stickers are issued within 15 working days after submission of the required documents and inspection of the circumstances stated by the Municipal Enterprise "Transport".

Persons who want to take advantage of this mode pay service price of the service for a year in an amount determined by the City Council.

The sticker shall be provided to the applicant only after submission of a copy of the original payment document for paid service price within the specified size. The instruction should be applied to the sticker.

Owning a sticker does not remove the charge for parking of vehicles in violation of The Low and this Regulation.

Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.