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Parking with officiary subscription

All the streets, squares and parks that are municipal property within specially designated places, are included into a system of paid parking "Officiary subscription", which is charged at the rate set by the City Council of the Municipality of Burgas.

Within the “Blue zone” is allowed paid parking " Officiary Subscription" on weekdays and from 08:00 to 19:00. Monthly fee for the service specified on exact location marked with the sign - is 200.00 lev incl. VAT .

Places for "Officiary subscription" are defined by the City Council with approval of the scheme of art. 10, para. 1.

To use the system of paid parking "Officiary subscription" an application should be submitted to the Director of OP "Transport", containing:

(1) The appropriate documents for registration as a legal entity in the relevant judicial or other register; (2) The certificate of no debts to the Municipality and (3) The document for property or lease.

Applications are accepted at the center to work with clients on: 
106 Alexandrovska Str., Burgas.

After examining the applications and checking availability of park spots in the scheme, persons who have submitted applications for temporary paid usage of fixed parking in paid parking zone "Officiary subscription" have to sign a contract with the mayor or authorized by the Mayor persons.

Official designation of parking spaces is carried out by a road sign and optionally with a mobile portable sign.

Parking of other vehicles in areas designated for official use, except for cars, defined as the user places is prohibited.

Temporary restrictions of parking places in "Officiary subscription" zone in order to conduct applied accordingly in the Municipality events during working days is allowed only by order of the mayor.

Official parking of public institutions shall be earmarked after security monitoring by competent authorities, with the participation of councilors of the Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, and a decision of the City Council.


Calls to national phone 070011356 and short number 1356 they are charged to the tariff plan of the subscriber.